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Craft patterns

​In which one may learn many useful things, such as how to knit a bat or needle felt a bunny.

30 Days of Crafting - More Needle Felt Flowers

Terri Reinhart

Here are some more needle felted flowers. They are made much in the same way as the dandelion. I rounded out the wire loop at the top and felted around it in brown, then added the petals. 


2013-11-03 21.54.11.jpg

Here's a small garden. I like this one with the different colors of green. 

2013-11-03 21.54.28.jpg

This next one is a yellow dandelion with a bumblebee.

2013-06-27 21.14.26.jpg

And here is a clover. The clover blossoms are made just like the dandelion flowers, just in a pale purple. I made one plant with stems going every which way, just like the clover in my garden. There are many more leaves on the real plant, but this gives the idea, anyway.  I was going to put this one in the fair, but I like how it looks behind our Buddha.

2013-06-30 18.26.19.jpg

That's a needle felted dragonfly sitting on the clover blossom!  

Next up - step by step photos of a needle felted carousel horse. 

2013-11-03 21.54.55.jpg