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About Terri

Terri Reinhart spent 18 years teaching kindergarten at the Denver Waldorf School. She now enjoys spending time making brooms, felting, knitting, bookbinding, painting, and filling up the house with various craft supplies. She is probably the only woman who has ever asked her husband for 50 pounds of broomcorn for her birthday. She also enjoys writing because, as she says, “It helps me to process all the crazy wonderful things in life without screaming or hitting anything.”

Her husband, Chris, is very patient.


Books and Blogs

My Parkinson's Journey:  A humorous look at one person's journey with Parkinson's and Dystonia.  Begin with Bumping Into Life.

Best Parkinsons Blogs

Education Journal:  Some tidbits from Terri's 20 years as a kindergarten teacher. 

BOOKS:  a biography of a young woman in Nepal and a story of a pine marten who helps St. Nicholas; here you will learn about Terri's books and where to purchase them.

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Terri's Art

Terri believes art and craft belong to everyone and as no one owns traditional crafts, they should be shared freely.

Terri welcomes guests who would like to learn crafts such as felting, bookbinding, knitting, and doll making.  There is never a fee for instruction.  

Also included here are photos of Terri's work and the work of some of her students.  

If you are interested in learning a craft, please send Terri a note via the contact page! 


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