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Tin Types - Old Family Photos

Terri Reinhart

There are only 4 of them. They have been kept in a small paper envelope for God knows how long. The envelope is labled "Old tin type photos - Uncle Wendell and wife". Two of the photos were labeled. Here's the first:

On the back, in black magic marker on a black surface, it says, "Grampa Pimple age 19". Thank goodness for my daughter's good eyesight. He is my great grandfather, John Pimple. He was born in May of 1857. This photo would have been taken in 1876. John married Anna Maria Foxhoven (German spelling Fuchshoven) and the first of their fifteen children was my grandmother, Catherine Mary Pimple, born in 1882.

Here is the one that is not identified:

It's just a guess, but I wonder if this might be John Pimple's sister and mother... or maybe two sisters? I can't find much information about John Pimple's siblings. His father died in 1875, before the first photo was taken. It looks like they are from the same time period. The original tin type photo is so dark it's very difficult to see. I scanned this at a high resolution and played around with brightness and contrast for awhile. This is about the best I could do. 

Two more photos coming on the next post.


Uncle Sam Wants You, George

Terri Reinhart

Imagine my shock at opening up an old envelope and finding this:

Like everything else, it was hidden away in a box filled with file folders, old receipts, and old letters. There were some photos as well, such as this one of George (on the left) and another soldier in France, 1918. Gramma Myers was good at labeling most of her photos. George Winthrop Bradford was her favorite brother. They both played rag time piano music and loved literature and poetry. 

I have George's WWI uniform jacket and a lot of his old books, including Walden and The Canterbury Tales. He wrote a small book of poetry, too, called "Wayside Lyrics". It's available online at