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Scribbles, Snippets, and Other Doggerel

Poetry and other writing and writing about writin

Two Weddings, Two Worlds

Terri Reinhart


My Father's Parents


Walter Myers and Leota Bradford were married on August 14, 1919 in Clyde, Ohio, in the parlor of Leota's parents farm. Her brother, George, played the piano and they had a Scottish minister.

They were deeply in love and their romance lasted through their entire marriage. Sadly, Walter died of a heart attack in 1952 at the age of 56. 

"With oceans of love and bushels of kisses to the girl I want to be my own. From your own true and loving sweetheart, Walter" (5/15/1918)

"Oh Walter, darling, how I long to take your head in my arms and hold it tight against my breast. How I yearn for your rough, but tender embrace... I am aching for the mighty grip of your arms, for the heavenly pain of your lips crushing mine."  from Leota's "My Little Thoughts" journal 1918


My Mother's Parents


Catherine Mary Pimple married John Peter Kohnen on November 20, 1906 in Wein, Missouri, in the Catholic Church. They eventually homesteaded in northeastern Colorado in the St. Peter's Catholic community by Fleming. Their lives revolved around their family, the farm, and the church. 

They may or may not have supplemented their income by selling some home made bootleg whiskey. Many of the farmers in the area made their own beer and whiskey. Prohibition was difficult to enforce on the plains. 

The story I remember from Grandma Kohnen is how her parents decided is was time for her to marry and found someone for her. She said, "He seemed like a nice man so I married him."