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The Art of Patrick Reinhart

The art of Patrick Reinhart

This, dear friends, is what Patrick is aspiring to do soon! He has such a love for books and an amazing knowledge of books, literature, illustrators, and has a knack for finding rare and valuable books. Many of us are hoping he will be able to open a brick and mortar store one day.

And now, on to Patrick's art work....

- click on either picture to go to Patrick's website and see the amazing diversity of his work!

Hey-ho!  I'm Patrick Reinhart.

I was raised in a Waldorfist educational arena before becoming a studio-arts majoring Beloiter.

I do graphic design for ZebraMinds, a company that turns children’s books into interactive and educational apps for iPads, Androids, etc. I have just finished illustrating the second Thimble the Fairy books. I am seriously (yes, seriously) working on finishing up my Hugo book, the wordless travels and adventures of my stuffed mouse, much of which you can see here.

I am an illustrator, graphic designer, occasional web designer (with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS & Flash), sometime caricaturist and book designer. I’m fascinated by puppetry, anthroposophy, Doctor Who, and the 1890s.

I reside in Colorado with my stuffed mouse Hugo and collections of ties and action figures. Oh, and books. Lots of books — an ever-larger quantity of which are of the picture book variety.